Woodwork, Pyrocraphy

Robin Harris Rickard

Robin Harris Rickard is a world traveler, professionally licensed New York State massage therapist of nearly 30 years and professional henna artist and owner of EnshrineDesign http://www.enshrinedesign.com/  Robin  first became interested in henna when she lived in Israel and Egypt. There she saw Bedouin women with henna on their hands and feet.  Her travels brought her to Asia in the 1990’s, where she lived in Tokyo for 6 years. During that time she visited friends in Nepal where the henna tradition is strong. Between her knowledge and work with the human form, a background in fine arts and a BA in Art History, henna became a natural addition.  Presently, Robin works between NYC and New Jersey offering massage therapy to clients such as the dancers of the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater and Cirque du Soleil. You can find her all year round offering henna at festivals throughout New Jersey, to expectant Mom’s at Belly Blessingway rituals and to anyone who loves the art of Henna Body Adornment. She also applies the fine art of henna design to clothing, candles and through pyrography (wood burning). You can find Robin continuing her pursuit of henna art at East and West coast henna conferences. Robin resides in Columbia, New Jersey, 07832 and can be reached at 917-656-8866    Robin Harris Rickard, CMT., LMT.  www.enshrine.net  EnshrineDesign:Henna Body Adornment, LLC.  www.enshrinedesign.com