Wood burning (pyrography)

Salt and Pepper holder created by
Wood burning (pyrography) 
Tunisian Olive Wood 
Priced at $65.00

Robin Harris Rickard

 The Art of Life

It all began when Robin got off the airplane in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1978 and saw Bedouin and Israeli women wearing henna. She went on from there as a world explorer and fine artist with a BA in Art history & archaeology. She is also a great appreciator of pure fabrics, exotic clothes, places, style and food......... “anything that adorns us and the world around us!”

Robin Harris Rickard is a world traveler, professionally licensed New York State and New Jersey massage therapist of nearly 30 years as Enshrine Health and professional henna artist and owner of EnshrineDesign   www.enshrinedesign.com .Her knowledge and work with the human form and her background in fine arts and Art History, henna became a natural addition. has come to see our bodies as a beautiful form to adorn in all ways that tell a story of who we are. 

Practicing the ancient art of Henna began in 2008 with the encouragement of friends. Her unyielding passion and appreciation for our temporal human experience drives her to explore and redefine who we are and how we express where the mundane of life meets the magical. Utilizing written and visual symbolism of both collective and personal experience, she also enjoys bringing the beauty of henna into the hearth. This became a practical addition when Robin stepped into motherhood and family became the art of life. EnshrineDesign: Henna Body Adornment and the EnshrineDesign line of hand decorated wood burned kitchen utensils, bowls, platters and more are a continually unfolding creative process, where the practical IS the magical!" 

You can find her all year round offering henna at festivals, private parties & individual sessions in addition to expectant Mom’s at Belly Blessingway rituals throughout New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. She resides in Columbia, New Jersey, 07832 and can be reached for both massage therapy & private henna sessions and parties at 917-656-8866 . Robin Harris Rickard, LMT.  Enshrine Health www.enshrine.net and

EnshrineDesign: Henna Body Adornment, LLC. www.enshrinedesign.com