Glass work, Jewelry


Barbara Matlaga

I have been working with glass since 1999, first making glass beads and then fusing small glass pieces to incorporate in my PMC (precious metal clay) jewelry. While getting more serious about learning new glass techniques, I have taken classes at The Studio at the Corning Museum of Glass, Salem Community College Glass Studio, Glass Roots and Warm Glass.  I have been focusing on fused glass since 2009.   I really enjoy the creative possibilities working in fused glass.  I can make pieces that are very organic or more exacting designs requiring lots of cutting and fitting.  The range of colors is a delight to the eye and enhances my love of glass and designing in it.  As a scientist I have always been aware of the unique physical and chemical properties of glass and the paradox it presents. It is made from sand but the finished product is crystal clear and smooth. Glass is formed at high temperatures but when complete, is cool to the touch.  Molten glass flows like honey but when cooled it is hard as a rock.  Fascinating!  Barbara Matlaga, My Time Studio, Contact: