Andy Smith




After completing a 35 year career as a campus minister and social responsibility in investments activist in the church and then teaching ethics and sustainability at the college and graduate levels, Andy turned to his passion for photography and  established Andy Smith Photography in 2004. His mission is  to create photographic images from the art of nature for people to appreciate, respect and protect the beauty, diversity and sacredness of the web of life that is our home, the earth.

Andy's award-winning photography has been exhibited at locations in Pennsylvania , New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. He regularly has a booth at numerous fine art and craft shows in the Mid-Atlantic region. Andy is a juried Master Artisan of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen. Andy Smith Photography is also one of 70 founding certified B corporations.  In 2018 the business was honored as Best for the World overall, a designation reserved for those B Corps that rank in the top 10% of the more than 2500 certified B Corps in 50 countries that have the regular social, community and environmental assessment required of all B corporations. 

Artist Statement 

We human beings are part of an incredibly diverse and interesting universe -- our Mother, the source of our creative energy, and our home. An evolving process that began over 13 billion years ago brought us to today. The latest lessons of quantum physics teach that the entire universe is within us while also a vast order that includes everything. We are who we are because we are related to everything that is, and that is reflected in the core of our being. Yet immersed in the isolation of our own lives we often do not appreciate the beautiful creation around us that is part of who we are. My photography provides a small window into the vast array of this beauty, an opportunity to observe and consider, to contemplate and learn from the things and creatures that surround us, a moment of spiritual connection to one another and to that being observed. While my images reflect my reality, that reality is interrelated with everything in the universe and therefore touches everyone’s reality.