Marian van Buren

"I've worked with clay for a long time, starting in high school when I apprenticed for a summer with a potter on Cape Cod, says Marian. For years, work and clay ran parallel; then I stepped away fully from the conventional to embrace the creative world. Being a potter fulfills a lifetime search for personal expression, individual freedom, and most of all, the world's best playground . The possibilities are endless: exploring the blend of form and function, indulging in flights of fancy, confronting the complex challenges of construction in my more elaborate, sculptural work, not to mention learning and relearning the unpredictable dance between glaze and flame. Each project is a new game, each day another day on the playground. While the act of creation itself is immensely and richly satisfying, my hope is that one of my pieces will set off a flicker of fun in your spirit, or a quiet moment of peace in your heart, so you can share in my delight.

On the technical end, the majority of my work is made with wheel thrown and altered porcelain. Then multiple glazes are applied in layers using a spray gun. Pieces are then high-fired in an electric kiln, with a slow cooling cycle to enhance color and surface. "Creature" additions are individually hand made, then applied to the wheel thrown pot."

For more information, please contact me at  marian@riverotterpottery.com or to see more of my work, go to www.riverotterpottery.com