Ellen Mulligan is a ceramic artist creating pottery for everyday use. This whimsical and beautifully

Ellen Mulligan

Ellen Mulligan is a ceramic artist making pottery for everyday use. “Growing up in a large family, some of my favorite memories are of seeking a quiet corner for a cup of tea. But also, of the large family dinners where there was always room for one more, each meal a celebration and an occasion. I work with porcelain clay for the pure pleasure I get from using it. Porcelain is rich and luscious, a wonderful background for the imagery and colors I like to use. I enjoy making mugs, bowls, plates and platters. I like to imagine my pots stacked in the dishwasher – sturdy, dirty and well-used. The idea of my pieces being invited to your table is what makes this all so special to me.” You can reach Ellen at ellen.mulligan@gmail.com