Painting, Fiber


Sheila Grodsky

My paintings are multi-faceted since I use a wide variety of aqua media and subject matter to express my ideas and emotions.  Creating a work of art for me is like playing improvisational jazz.  From a few chords of color, shape and texture I compose the work as I go without a preconceived plan.  I prefer to paint purely experimental work which is generally non-objective.  I work with strong color, design and texture in an experimental manner by pouring, mono printing, using resists, spraying, spattering, stamping and collaging.  The materials evoke the subject matter, if any.  It is the process of improvisation and discovery that leads to a finished piece of work.  Finally the work is fine tuned until it satisfies my criteria for a well designed piece of art.  Sheila's paintings have won numerous prestigious awards, including several for Best in Show in local, state, national, and international competitions. Her Paintings are also featured in several art publications and have appeared in American Artist magazine.   Contact information: Phone: 973-579-5088