Philip Homes

It was never my intention to become a potter.  I began by formal studies in the field of architecture.  There are many common aspects between the two - form, volume, function, proportion, the nature of materials - It is not necessary to leave one path to arrive at the other.  The transition was effortless and also inevitable.  I have been working with clay for fifty years.  I cannot imagine doing something else.  Over Time, my work has changed considerably...from a preoccupation with utilitarian form... to focus on expressive form and surface...to a greater awareness of the role of process and tradition in the character of the work.  I have long admired the strength and serenity of the Japanese object.  The variation of surface and pattern as a result of glaze application and firing method has become increasingly important to me.  The forms and surfaces, and the volumes they define, have become more subtle.  I am by choice a vessel maker, committed to the potter's wheel.  Still, bits and pieces of earlier interests remain.  Nothing is ever lost, rather, it is assimilated as part of a larger concept.  The vessel tradition, utilitarian function, and subtlety of form and surface are not mutually exclusive.  Each enhances the other.   I am Seeking to reflect this in my work.    My work has been exhibited internationally and is in numerous private collections.  Contact information: Phone (423) 538-9336