Paulinskill River Photos

Living on the Paulinskill, in Blairstown, NJ, Jim Figielski and Ami Shecter are constantly amazed by what they see practically right outside their door. Working as a team, often shooting side by side (a little friendly competition for best shot which Jim usually wins), and with Ami doing the digital work, they launched Paulinskill River Photography, a now popular local Facebook page, and began selling their work in restaurants, galleries, craft fairs and festivals.      Early on they realized that they had a shared aesthetic — a romantic vision of nature, and a desire to glorify it. There is a growing trend in nature photography showing the plight of the earth and animals—it’s ugliness and tragedy - to garner empathy. But that isn’t Paulinskill River Photography’s vision. Jim and Ami believe that when nature is glorified, it has the same effect, inspiring people to love their world and care about it. Jim’s unique bond with birds, and wildlife comes through in his work. While he always keeps a safe and respectful distance, there is an undeniably special quality of intimacy with his subjects.  Ami’s post processing technique brings out the best of what her subject matter has to offer, just tweaking the variables enough so that its essence stays intact but its beauty shines through