Leana MoonSpinner

 M Leana MoonSpinner learned to sew as a young girl in 4-H.  But it wasn’t until 1996 when she retired from a career in programming and information systems at AT&T that she discovered her love of quilting.  Starting with traditional pieced quilts, she has constantly challenged herself to try new things.  Her quilts run the gambit from bed quilts to art quilts and almost everything in between.  The La Femina line incorporates prints of her hand-painted tiles of women into quilted bags, totes, book covers and other items.  Each piece has a unique design and a name.  She shows her quilts at Evening Star Quilters shows in Belvidere and Common Thread Quilt Airings in Long Valley every October.  She has won awards on all the quilts she entered in the NJ State Fair.  As a member of Kindred Art Quilters, she displayed 15 art quilts at the Clarence Dillon Public Library in Bedminster.