Karen White

Growing up scouring flea markets and tag sales with her mom, this eclectic artist developed an appreciation for vintage designs at an early age.  She is inspired by the excess of the Victorians, the femininity of art nouveaux and the kitchiness of the 50’s.  Passionate about reusing and recycling, Ms. White uses antique and vintage silverware, old hardware, bottle caps and other “found objects” in her designs.  Working with metal clays, sterling silver, copper and gemstones, her earthy pieces are one of a kind art, meant to be worn every day.  Her signature piece, a bracelet made of an antique or vintage spoon, has earned her the nickname “the spoon lady.”  Each piece is hand hammered and stamped with a word or saying using antique tools and then polished to bring out its individual texture.  Ms. White studied art and photography at Montclair State College.  She resides in Warren County with her three kids and her quirky dog, Violet.  Her work is for sale at several retail locations and on weekends she can be found selling her designs at craft fairs, music festivals and home shows.   For more information go to